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The Cat’s Meow

Text by Jill Russell
  • WHO: Emily Henderson, creative director and style expert
  • WHERE: Los Angeles, California
  • DESIGNER: Chloe O’Keeffe
The Cat's Meow_Inspiration - Ideas of Order Vol 2

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    THE PROJECT: Convert a cramped “laundry hall” into a more beautiful, functional space.

    THE ONE WISH: Incorporate a tucked-away litter box for the family’s two cats, to get it off the floor and out of sight, and prevent litter from being tracked throughout the house.

    THE SOLUTION: Design and install a cabinet around the litter box to hide it, with custom “cat door” access. The cabinet’s front doors hide the box (but pop open for easy cleaning), while a hinged trapdoor on the cabinet’s side allows the cats to roam in and out.

    The Cat's Meow_Inspiration - Ideas of Order Vol 2

    THE RESULT: Blogging about the project, Henderson put it best: “This is the cat commode of my dreams. There’s still sand in the cabinet that’ll need to get cleaned often, but SO much less mess on the floor.”

    BONUS: A completely enclosed box helps contain litter odors and mess, too.

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