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On the Block

Text by Jill Russell
  • WHO: Michael and Leanne McWilliams, director of a power company and accountant, respectively
  • WHERE: Vancouver, Canada
  • DESIGNER: Ilona Beed

On the Block_Inspiration- Ideas of Order Vol 2

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    THE PROJECT: Turn a small home office into both an efficient workspace and a music/playroom for the couple’s two sons.

    THE ONE WISH: Dedicated space to show off their LEGO sets (which they’ve collected since 2013) and corral extra pieces—all without sacrificing the room’s stunning waterfront views.

    THE SOLUTION: A mixture of closed cabinets and open shelving built to accommodate specific sets, such as the Ferris Wheel and Parisian Restaurant. “There were many hours spent measuring and counting LEGOs,” says Beed. “They also wanted the option to change and add new pieces over time.”

    On the Block_Inspiration- Ideas of Order Vol 2

    THE RESULT: A multifunctional room that puts the LEGO sets front and center, complete with a wraparound desk, access to the boys’ piano, clear bins for sorting extra LEGOs, and an unobstructed view of False Creek. “Taking advantage of the space vertically, particularly above the piano, makes the room feel so much bigger than before,” says Michael. “We’re thrilled.”

    BONUS: The asymmetrical “step-down” design along the top of the open shelves works with the existing bulkhead and sprinklers, while also providing extra storage.

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