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Haute Home Vault

Text by Jill Russell
  • WHO: Joe H.
  • WHERE: Carmel, Indiana
  • DESIGNER: Erin Moore

Haute Home Vault_ Inspiration - Ideas of Order Vol 2

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    THE PROJECT: Carve out a section of the basement for a custom wine cellar to house both individual bottles and crates.

    THE ONE WISH: Spotlight and stash an extensive wine collection—upwards of 900 bottles.

    THE SOLUTION: A three-wall unit with three different types of open cubbies along the back wall: small squares, each 24 inches deep to fit two bottles; rectangles for crates and boxes; and triangles, arranged in two “starbursts,” to group bottles by type or region. More individual bottles float on floor-to-ceiling pegs on both side walls.

    THE RESULT: A utilitarian and inviting wine vault that feels anything but dark and dusty, while simultaneously blending seamlessly into its surroundings. The fabricated left “wall” was even carefully built to match up with the two existing walls. “We hid the seams on the back side so it looks like it's freestanding,” says Moore.

    BONUS: The nook at the center, where built-in lights illuminate a colorful triptych and a countertop serves as an ideal spot for pouring, serving, and sipping.

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