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Snack Station

Text by Jill Russell
  • WHO: Damon and Wendy G., architect and surgeon, respectively
  • WHERE: Atlanta, Georgia
  • DESIGNER: Jen Bellinetti

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    THE PROJECT: Build a his-and-hers closet in the couple’s second-floor master suite, which opens onto a deck.

    THE ONE WISH: : A hidden built-in mini fridge, in addition to a pantry space and coffee/tea station, to keep beverages and snacks close at hand to enjoy alfresco. “Wendy is a surgeon and spends a lot of time inside, under fluorescent lights,” says Damon. “The deck lets her get fresh air without having to go all the way downstairs.”

    THE SOLUTION: A small fridge, paneled in the same finish as the rest of the closet, and a cabinet with glass doors overhead to serve as the pantry. The coffee/tea station fits perfectly in the open nook between the two.

    THE RESULT: Discreet space to stow mugs, dishes, and nonperishable goodies; to keep sparkling water, juice, and other beverages both cold and within reach; and to brew a fresh cup of morning joe or tea. “There’s barely a telltale sign that there’s a fridge in the closet,” says Bellinetti.

    BONUS: The glamorous glass-topped center island organizes and shows off Wendy’s jewelry and Damon’s collection of bow ties, pocket squares, cuff links, and watches.

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