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Tickled Pink

Text by Jourdan Fairchild
  • WHO: Erika Altes, founder of lifestyle blog Whiskey & Lace
  • WHERE: Santa Rosa, CA, in a 1940s Craftsman-style house
  • WHAT SHE WANTED: A “girly” closet—all her own


The color pink represents calm, compassion, thoughtfulness, and affection. As the baseline for a color palette, it paves the way for a space as nurturing as it is inviting—a soothing, comforting escape that centers the soul.

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    THE DESIGN CHALLENGE: A cramped space hindered Altes’s longtime dream of an open, walk-in closet—the first to call her own after years of sharing with her husband.

    THE MUST-HAVE: Her love for fashion (and especially the color pink) on vivid display.

    THE RESULT: A white space-enhancing room that capitalizes on vertical storage and allows her gorgeous wardrobe—and prized pinks—to pop. Customized, elongated shelving exhibits her color-coordinated shoe collection, while square nooks house handbags and hat boxes.

    PLUS: A valet rod allows Altes to access and style clothes with ease.

    BONUS: A crystal chandelier and delicate drawer knobs escalate the air of romance.

    CC Design Consultant:Evie MacFarlane

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