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English Countryside

Text by Jourdan Fairchild
  • WHO: Jason Oliver Nixon and John Loecke, cofounders of design firm Madcap Cottage
  • WHERE: High Point, NC, in a historic Regency-style home
  • WHAT THEY WANTED: A pretty, practical laundry room


The English country look effortlessly masters a mix of sensibilities. In bold, punchy colors, chinoiserie prints and playful patterns complement antique furnishings and fabric-covered lampshades, resulting in an eclectic expression that celebrates both the old and the new.

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    THE DESIGN CHALLENGE: Stocked with unsightly equipment by nature, the laundry room required creative thinking to hide everyday essentials.

    THE MUST-HAVE: Put simply: style that stood up to the rest of the home.

    THE RESULT: A carefully constructed wall unit that hosts the stacked washer and dryer seamlessly and conceals cleaning supplies, such as vacuums, behind cabinets.

    PLUS: Gold-handled custom cabinetry holds the couple’s vintage china collection.

    BONUS: Whimsical wallpaper and a floral sink skirt capture the Anglophiliac couple’s penchant for patterns.

    CC Design Consultant: Amanda Welch

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