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Black Out

Text by Jourdan Fairchild
  • WHO: Erin Swift, creative director and prop stylist
  • WHERE: Brooklyn, NY, in a light-filled apartment
  • WHAT SHE WANTED: A space strategy for tight quarters


The psychological effect of black creates boldness and elegance, color theorists contend. If played against a light or neutral background, the color black adds a focal point that grounds, anchors, and adds sophistication to a room.

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    THE DESIGN CHALLENGE: After downsizing from a spacious loft to a small apartment, Swift faced a tiny closet to fit her significant wardrobe.

    THE MUST-HAVE: A streamlined storage solution for a clutter- free space.

    THE RESULT: A second “secret” closet and a careful color strategy provided Swift serious storage without cramping her style. In addition to a completely overhauled bedroom closet, a newly installed living room cabinet—equipped with closed shelving—easily hides clothing overflow. Black storage cubes that match her wardrobe create clean cohesion.

    PLUS: With its matte finish, the wall cabinet blends in seamlessly and appears original to the space.

    BONUS: A drop-down hamper hides dirty laundry.

    CC Design Consultant: Carolyn Musher

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